Kharghar ( Drawing Exploration)

it is coming true as an experiment, and i am delighted and feel like having besan kay laddu in return regarding drawing and learning about spatial depth, the relation drawing shares with perception, memory, and basically getting to the composition which says what you intend to not only say, but be revealed through drawing only.

this means, drawing guides you in certain scientific steps which have to be followed to get into that space, depth, time, composition. So in a way, one does not draw, but the drawing leads the way.

I would look forward to getting back to the polluted city of delhi and hopefully take this exercise forward and knowing more.

As of now, today i changed to a new cafe, i had a coffee and before my shitty american  salad pizza arrived, i had got to the first frame of the panel drawing.

This took 3 pages of making panel drawings along with notes which specify the developments each exercise before the 4th drawing page allowed me a bewildering insight into the process of wandering into the mind.

Merleau ponty’s – The experience of the body and classical psychology chapter points out at the classic misunderstanding of the unobserving body observing this body. Can this gaze be possible in our works ?






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