Notes on panel drawing -1

A very important discovery in Drawing happened today. The place was Tea Vila cafe, near Kharghar Railway Station, Navi Mumbai. I was facing the under construction metro tracks which were in the foreground to the hills.

I had done a run of 2 km at 6.50 min per km to prepare for the upcoming marathon at Sector 36. The run allowed me to reach a cramp like situation before i stopped to have water. It was a way to test endurance exercise prior to the mental exercise of sketching.

For the past 2-3 attempts, i was unable to have a breakthrough in what is progression of a thought in the comic book format. I was able to draw out and fill the boxes with a story but it lacked something or it needed something more.

After making the first box, i drew in the second box and drifted into other conversations on Instagram, google searches. The instagram search was about replying to Oil wet on wet techniques and google searches were about the 3 body problem in physics and mathematics. I tried creating the panel drawing which lasts about 6-8 frames on multiple pages of the sketchbook, but the story in my mind did not progress.

Eventually, i started on another panel. And i discovered in the third box frame, a new understanding of what it means to go from one frame to another through the art of panel drawing.

  1. any frame of the comic book panel can be held for as long as its needed.
  2. This is a powerful tool if you are relying on going into the depths of drawing.
  3. It’s also another way where you experience the entire picture in multiple frames, yet you see the whole page as a single drawing also since there is some form of motion.
  4. And its next to impossible to know when drawing will allow a new perspective. Because in that moment, it could’ve gone in any way possible in the next frame. Its only because i realised in the first two frames that these ‘dash lines’ should not continue further, did i walk into the story, zooming in to the figure being drawn did i encounter the scene. And its in a ‘pause / hold fashion i could draw further. The work being referred here is titled ‘ the beginning ‘ in Sketchbook ‘A-001-khargar-18-HB-A4

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