Kharghar hills – Second climb

Drawings to be executed:

  1. coming down, the marks made in the hill surface.
  2. moments of a visual of a fall ( body adjusts the climb down )
  3. Level of Intensity
  4. Forced to see

I will execute these four drawings.

# 1 is about relying on the marks made in the surface of the hill to know where to put your feet to climb



# 2 is about getting to a point where i visualized a fall, so i go on my fours to step down as i predicted a loss of balance.


This was the most interesting point of the hill climb. A visual kicked in the head, that if i step down, i would slide and fall. So the mind kicked in. It sent a message that change your next move of descending. In other words, take your bum down and stretch one foot down, get a grip and step down instead of jump down. I received this information with a flash of an image. ( i will attempt to draw this now ).


So this drawing above, proves a certain point, that visual thinking does occur with the mind, and it is possible to recreate the experience through drawing.


# 3 vertical climb and descend is constantly calculating the increase of the pulse rate (110 max), the rocks falling out where i could grip.


Since i could fall, i kept testing rocks which when held would break and fall. Eventually i had to slide down and find another route.



#4 every moment you are forced to see of things crawling, insects, animals, things occuring as two blasts were made in the rocks to break the hills at 6pm and 6:25 pm.


The dots are the ants. They were fixed on the hills surface in a hole.


Notes on Drawing:

I knew i could go home and draw out the experience.

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