2 moments

maybe i can use this blog article to capture the essence of two incidents which happened today.

I’ll try to draw them in my sketchbook and post the images in this article.

one is me falling from the marble steps at home, as my chappal was broken and getting a grip within a second as my hand smashed into the stairs to protect me from smashing my head.

The other is the plumber trying to fix the multiple faucets in the kitchen as he tries to resolve the problem of the flow of the water.

Both are very important from the point of Drawing and experience.


  1. As i attempt to draw, both the experiences changed seeing. The fall allowed me to experience a whizzing state of thoughtlessness.
  2. As the plumber pointed out to the faucets, the same set of faucets became visible for the first time in 20 + years.


Out of the drawing:



Post the drawing thoughts:

  1. you don’t need to draw the faucet through observation
  2. the plumber’s drawing came through a conversation
  3. After i fell, i asked myself – what was this fall where i experienced something new ? can i draw it out ? how can the mind be in this state ?
  4. the plumber’s constant questioning – what is this ? why are so many faucets plugged into each other ? ( this made me re see it with that intention and everything changed in that moment ).

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