activities can say a lot about what the mind goes through. And activities can give a lot to a mind which has to go on living activities.

This is how time passed by in Kharghar. An activity was always framed as a thought and then attempted in action, to become an activity.

But i would like to share a moment where everything rearranged itself to become a moment where i experienced new orientation of the mind.

This incident happened in kharghar, a place which is supported with hills in the backdrop and high rise buildings in front of them. And always for me, the foreground is a path leading to these 2 places.

Coming back to delhi, i tried my hands in Indoor Rock climbing but this experience did not match up to the incident in Kharghar.

The basic understanding of the incident:

  1. when you lose the sense of how you have been taught to walk.
  2. when you are using parts of the body being dormant
  3. when the plane of seeing loses the horizon line
  4. when you do not know how to move forward

This means you adapt a new way of moving. New muscles get activated. you experience a new orientation. you understand what it means to climb, what is a skin, topography of a surface which is on an incline and is not a human made path. And you are at a point where you will fall unless you come on your four.

the four is the form of an animal. Everything changes here. you are seeing the ground like you have never encountered it before.

IMG_4125 2



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