division in thinking

Division in thinking refers to how thinking formulates

Blank surface of a paper ( stage 1 )

1. first it was a shift of thought of maybe a river ( now i can not remember ) where the form became like a curved river. ( maybe this came because i might have read something or seen a map or read something about a river ).

2. So the first sketch is a curved S.

3. Then came a thought of a belt, that this form of a double S seemed like my belt. This means, i then started to draw the head and the tail of the belt with holes, buckle etc.

4. So while the belt was being constructed ( i am making the belt ) and then i thought that the belt is behaving, looking, imitating a snake, so what if a snake comes in my room. And I am sleeping, and so my belt decides to have a dual with the snake.

5. The surface of the paper – This means that the belt manages to deceive the snake, but it also manages to deceive me in believing that the belt is no longer any different from the snake. Its the un-realness, or the realness of both the forms, or the appearance of both the forms.

The belt is seen as something, as an object, usually of leather which has a feel of a snake. Where as the Snake is a living animal which I have limited understanding of. Something which i have seen in a glass cage in the zoo in New Delhi, or on wilderness spaces but from a distance, slithering away into a hideout, vanishing into a hole which i would not have any access to. And then encountering them on my laptop through internet videos.

Both the objects are part of my memory, and both represent a limitation of what i see, i know of them.

A new range of thinking would mean:

1. what do different words, objects, forms, creations, things in existence mean?
2. Can we offer something new as an understanding of things through this collision of words, images?
3. I have often been interested in decoy, fooling someone, deceiving, cheating, fraud, conning, impersonating, hiding, tricking, falsehood of things and somehow creating this world and exposing it. So where could new directions be in this case?

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