Cut Out

I didn’t take any drawing material with me to Colaba. A City place which is two hours away from the mountain cut city Kharghar. Kharghar has been carved out as a city from cutting from the base, hills. Wiping out entire hills to make apartments.

Colaba is two hours away which includes a one hour ten minutes journey by local train.

Cut outs are handmade. They reflect the state of mind of the Drawer working with a Cutter cutting away lines which separate the paper and allow the drawer to decide which side to use. The procedure then follows the next step.

The next step is to place, join the cut pieces and paste them in a way suitable. This process goes on till a form is created. ( so far an animalistic form ).

cut out test1

The Animalistic form

Principals in Drawing

  1. There is not much effort needed to create a work.
  2. Material may not be much of relevance.
  3. A small scale work can easily fill up a large space.


  1.  There is not much effort needed to create a work –here i locked up the Mumbai Art Room ( privileged to have the keys) and went for an early dinner. Prawn palaou and a walk across the ocean front around Gateway of India but with anxiety of phone calls coming my way and trying to think of an answer to pending whats app messages. Large scale vehicles known as SUV’s white in colour were circulating around the TAJ hotel. I walked back since i had to take a train back to the borders of Mumbai, i realised i had to understand the space which had not happened till now.
  2. Material may not be much of relevance – A small blank notebook was there and i found tape. Good quality scissors were there but the cutter was completely rusty. I tried cutting with it first but could feel the ‘goodness’ within when i used the scissors. This ‘goodness’ can be defined as similar feeling when the pen draws the line as you want it to. The notebook was maybe A 6 in size and then i sliced away making the cuts and putting tape on the hand cut pieces, joining to create an animalistic form. I kept looking at the size of the room, the equipment around, the picture of the materials yet to fill up this empty room. And the ceiling which is maybe seven feet in height. I didnt have the fishnet wire nor did i have glue to join the paper, the cutter i left back in my room and i work on a larger size of paper often cutting a small piece out. So i used the tape as the wire and suspended the tiny cut out.
  3. A small scale work can easily fill up a large space – My last stop before entering Mumbai Art room ( MAR ) was a sweets shop where i had a chum chum. A white indian sweet shaped like an eye with a red eye ball. I stood outside the store eating and chewing it, and also feeling guilty that a while back i had apricot pudding. Was i eating too much and doing little work?  So after creating the cut out, i got up from the X shaped stool and suspended the hand cut and pasted Cut out in the space. two shadows appeared. The Space was activated.
  4. The local train app showed two trains from CST, one at 9:30 and the other at 9:45. i managed to take the 9:45 train. I had a window seat, 1st Class, blue cushions, Hindustan Times news paper, melting Kit Kat which a child i gave away to and pigeon shit stains on my T shirt and jeans which was given to me when i landed on CST station at 6: 30 in the evening. A dying battery of my mobile and jokes being sent via whats app. My fitbit phone kept showing my pulse at 69 BMP and mumbai stinky smells at every station i passed.


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