The Drawing Table (JNU 2018)

It is strange to discover the nature of activities.

Activities here mean exercises devised during an event.

The event is a 2 day performance festival at JNU ( Jawaharlal university) new Delhi.

The Preplanned  activity for Day 01 is:

2 sketchbooks. 1 sketchbook has a guideline of How to do Drawing Conversation. The other sketchbook has a guideline of Take away Sketchbook. The latter explores the relationship between Drawing and Site.

But the real surprise is Day 02.

Day 02 is where my first Drawing Exercise book evolves in the Cafe. It is a 12 page A5 size booklet designed to create Interactive Drawing Based activities but it touches upon the absurdity of an activity.

The need of the 2nd Day allowed me to draw out a book. But it also introduced me to the difference between Drawing Conversation as a Sketchbook activity to Drawing Exercises as an Interactive activity.

The Drawing Exercises (DE) is a book which can multiply infinite times with infinite themes and sub themes and in the case of the Drawing Conversation (DC) it is relying on the intensity of the participant and how one reciprocates. (DE) requires a structure and activities for the participant which can be chosen whereas (DC) does not follow any fixed structure. It is conditional by nature.


(DE) produces a certain type of content and can be seen independently as an Artist book without any participation yet it is meant for participation.

(DC) is open ended and extends beyond the pages of the Sketchbook in which the content is created yet the mediating space is the Sketchbook.



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