sequence in thinking

The first drawing in the sketchbook. I was chasing a dream where a character, a human being is in conversation with a rock. This being has a head like the rock. So it was rock man meeting the rock. The thought was a one day old thought. So when i decided to draw it, i consciously drew a woman meeting the rock. But after making this drawing, something did not feel right, or complete, so i decided to draw again and see what happens to the composition, to the story, to the drawing, to the relationship between the image and the text, to what i really want to say, whats in my head. It just has to have this funniness to it, which only i understand.                                                    
This could be taken as a drawing which is where i decide to see the rock from another angle, changing proportions, but more than that, it was my attempt to push for a connection between the gaze which travels from me, the drawer, to the paper, to what is being created. its about this space that i have to deal with. This sketch gave me a feeling of changing the relationship between the female and the rock. Is this what i want to say, that from a male, i change to female. or how do i move from here?
something was right in this composition. I was no longer sticking to the shape of a real rock. I mean, this also could be a shape of a rock, but earlier it was trying to draw a rock, how a rock might look like. But i enjoyed something of the drawing. The text did not work, What is the point of telling that Rock woman is seeing the rock. 
This was the next sketch made and now i wanted to move away from the gender specification. It was no longer part of the narrative or a narrative which did not interest me. I could feel, at this point that what happens when you come across something which is so much of you, like the rock is the father, mother, the originator of the character. So the rock is as much as a being as you are. 
The final sketch which i posted online. The meeting occurred. Pebble head and rock head met. I didn’t have anything else say. It had the gaze i could bounce from, the idea of being funny or rather ridicules and non sensical. Something which doesn’t make sense. 

The point i would like to make is that:

  1. what is this process of thinking where you take a journey to get to a sketch
  2. how much is it drawing or how much is it about what you wish to say and drawing just follows as a puppy or a successful method because one has trained the mind, body, hand, pen, paper connection to create the work.
  3. what could be deviations, new thinkings which could be interrupted into this which could change the final sketch or rather sketches on the way.
  4. does it create, effect a positive, creative state of mind, as it is a transformational process of thinking.
  5. does it shed a new light on what drawing tells us how we think or possibly can think
  6. is it as much as about drawing as it is about projections of future possibilities



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