Korean cultural center in 2017

This exhibition is where i entered into the working space not knowing how much i would draw on the wall and how much space I would require. I went in very unprepared and felt being spontaneous and drawing anything which may come to my mind will work.

But as i stand documenting the show few days after the exhibition opening, I realised while taking photographs the nature of how i was thinking and where the works took an interesting direction.


Drawing 1 on the wall. ( size, approx 12 inches by 4 inches, pen on wall )


Drawing 2 on the wall ( size approx 12 inches by 6 inches )

Most of the drawings on the wall, or may be almost all lacked intensity, originality and the ability to hold my focus. They all felt, i could draw them anywhere.

But these two drawings allowed me to experience the physical space of the gallery and something about the experience of being at the Korean Cultural centre and the colony area where I roamed about freely.

So I could conclude by stating that

  1. The Drawing itself has the potential to tell the viewer / artist about what could be a good / bad drawing ?


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