Korean Cultural Centre

If i see this from the perspective of Drawing, then the Project Space at the Korean Cultural centre led to two new directions to think about. As i neared end of making tiny drawings, marks, sketches on the wall, i realised how do i present this to the audience. Not thinking too much about focusing, the right type of light, i started to adjust the lights on the track. So i could vision an even beam of light on the whole wall.

And then through conversation with other artist who are part of the project, I decided to experiment with darkness and people, the audience searching for the drawings with a mini torch. The Experiment of letting the audience search became an exciting activity as after seeing one drawing, there was an immediate interest to search for more drawings. One could see this as walking into the cave and discovering drawings on the wall.

The point that I am interested in is that without the dark room effect, we notice the cracks, the surfaces, the walls, roof, floor and the empty hall and the drawings on the wall. The empty room is boring and does not offer anything except a passage to the other room with a video being played.

Where as the dark room offers an exciting opportunity to find out things as that is made clear from the very beginning.

So the point of interest is these two directions as lighting or creating darkness. Both are an act, action which is a layer on the existing exercise that i did of drawing in the room for a period of one week. Just to take it further – The final outcome for the exhibition open date was not thought of, and so i kept on drawing. So if one does not think of outcomes, it creates for possibilities, so we could state –

A known process can be repeated in the moment without too much planning. So planning can be executed by reducing what can be planned. The lighting was a very last moment thing. It was not thought of.

  1. I’m thinking of how natural it is to not plan or reduce what could be planned.
  2. I’m also thinking of not making any direct connection with what i observe and what i draw.
  3. I’m also thinking of how the two ways of showing the work allow a sense of incompleteness from each other.
  4. One of the drawings – Anxiety man allowed a departure space from how i usually create drawings.
  5. All of the drawings made a departure from the use of colour to enhance the work
  6. All of the drawings on the wall and the use of a black line allowed a possibility to experience something known as ‘thinness’ in a space.
  7. Thinness for me means, experiencing the marks as black line sculptures pasted on the wall. they appear as pen marks on the wall, or sketches but i see them as extremely thin sculptures pasted on the wall which can be taken away.
  8. I’m also thinking about direct sketching, as there was no sketchbook involved.
  9. I’m also thinking about the element of ‘effort’ to change the experience for the viewer. Effort means, the time spent in making that effort to see what could be done now. If the effort part comes true in its nature as a form of practice then it can applied to many other places.
  10. Other places would be, me reaching to the point of engaging with the students of the blind school, me wanting to attend a workshop, a computer class, or stepping into the nail art store, making that chair sculpture, walking further into the colony, seeing it early morning and being on the rickshaw longer, sifting through the fleeting market which is on the road side once a week etc.
  11. Other places somewhere floats between effort and planning. The unplanned walk is just where one gets exhausted and heads back to draw, or say something.


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