I think i’ve figured out one thing. In todays time, the consumption of an image online is good. Its great but i am seeing again how a drawing maybe experienced on a site. Its the same as going to the site and drawing it.

So ive made a drawing in a sketchbook.

Its a egg rock. The sketch was made in my sketchbook and then posted online. Its the frame that it is surrounded with. Its good. The mobile screen and the image is shared.

Sharing i think could be seen as a curatorial proposition. Sharing, how we share? How quickly we share? To whom we share and what it does, how long it lasts

Everyday the city is defining a day. It makes us experience a single day from the moment of waking up till time spent in bed sleeping. Its a strange way of being in the world. We dont know why we do it?

So my story is about a place called amar colony. A place i know since school time. Yesterday while walking I discovered my income tax tuition centre for B comm pass classes. The year was 1997. Today its 2017. Thats 20 years!!!!

So im working on a site at korean cultural center which is 5 minutes away. My job is to roam around and then come back and draw on the wall. So now i am left speechless seeing Pauls coaching centre. I dont know how to react.

My personal walk, moments i take in help me experience emotions. Its a walk back, listening to music and maybe drawing something. So this is where i see myself, the nature of drawing on a site and someone to experience it at the Korean cultural centre. The line is an encounter in life. This is also a way of sharing. A story is shared or there is no story but something drawn, scribbled is shared.

And the curatorial thought, something is shared, and if not shared but an environment has been created.

Because of this I’m thinking of OBJECTS in the place. One object, the material is the black line being hung, pasted on the walls as the object, material being seen experienced, which can be touched and it separates us from the blank white painted wall behind. Its not blank but it is paint on a surface.

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