2nd Drawing

2nd Drawing means the 2nd drawing after the 1st drawing.

1st drawing was an unknown space. it meant that it only made sense once completed.

2nd drawing as i have started, is giving an insight into what and how the line operates. When the rested head and body keep looking at the paper, things appear. they appear and then are drawn as being imagined. And sometimes the line is being repeated as a natural way of covering a space.

Creative moment is a moment when the balance between what is an object and what is a pattern merge. It is a unique convergence of drawing which is ‘the line ‘ and the drawn image at the same time.

That a circle is a round line and it is an object also.That if say this again next to the circle, it is a round line along with another line yet it is a relation between the two objects, what there might represent.

2nd drawing is aware of its outcome, so the space of the paper changes. it is dealing with ( as i begin to work on it ) repressions from the 1st drawing.

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