The narrative is that there is one figure, it is being remembered and it is being drawn many times. The figure becomes male, female and makes love to itself again and again. It is pressed to make love, to be penetrated with many phalluses locking itself from each side. It is deviod of any connection to the past, to any historical reference, to any culture. The only narrative is the sexual energy in constant motion. No one is remembered, no future is presented. Its one thought, one line which is repeating one form countless times. 

The meaning of drawing as I approach the second phase, is that line does not tire itself out when it is made to repeat itself over and over again. It only teaches you to draw that line only. 

The narrative i am afraid that if any reference is given of a culture, the work will run in that direction. 

Society can exist in this way also which does not create any meaning. It can not hold on to any meaning. Any meaning creates rituals, beliefs, patterns but what if we don’t give time to any such stories. Nothing manifests but this. 

This way of drawing also teaches that any dark space, ( dark space means anything which is more than the line drawn becomes a dark space. Like drawing a line and an attempt to thicken the line creates a dark space. It is one of the stages of mark making.) may not be needed as it can interupt the flow of making the work. 

Because the work is dependent on the continuity of a particular line. 

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