Video editing

Unlike drawing, where i decidedly move, animate a line with an active state of mind which is alive, thinking and creating a mark, presence on paper, the process of video editing means, that a video is shot.

a video is shot, recorded in a certain time and space. I am the actor imagining a certain type of result but i go on playing a role while the video is being shot.

The video editing process means, that unlike drawing a line on paper which is continuous, and here continuous means, till the thought, that moment runs out, in video editing, you have a material which is of the past.

Now, possibilities open up. Possibilities which allow you to alter the movements as per how the line moves on a paper. The same principles apply.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.41.09 AM

The zoom in video effect allows you to change how you would move the mental line scape. The act would still be similar where the line of the narrative would be drawn, but in this case, the line is absent, it is an imagined line movement and the screen, the video recorded scene is already filled with matter. It is not a blank paper.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.41.54 AM

The MAGNIFICATION tool further creates complication as it allows you to enlarge a video which once clicked to ‘PLAY’ keeps changing the narrative, depending on which area is zoomed into. In this case, the 1 minute 30 sec video kept on showing the movements of the foliage of the tree as the zoom was set on the top centre area of the video. The omission, deletion, subtraction of things as evident in the feature of the CROP tool allows you to change, form new narratives.


the set target is to go through the 20 odd videos shot on a mobile through walking in the city, from Lodhi Garden till C S metro station. The set target is to produce a video which is aligned with the intensity of working in a sketchbook, making marks on the wall on a site.

But at this stage, the numerous possibilities of VIDEO EDITING are allowing spaces of thinking. They are allowing another juxtapose of a medium, such as video and possibilities of meanings which erupt whilst editing and seeing the city in a new land scape. Its not the same city any more.

Its not the same city any more. An interface interrupts the mind set same like how a sketch inside a sketch book gives a new perception. But here the video is offering complexities. These complexities may or may not be needed.

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