time line window

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.28.37 PM

the time line window here means restructuring thoughts in an animated function which work with erasing and restructuring the initial thoughts which came while thinking of walking in the city and while shooting the scene in the city. The time line allows you to shift time which is not possible in real time.

The real time means being in a space and time with a body ( referring to the video shoot at a local park and area around it ) and the actions being recorded by a video enabled recording device.

The timeline method allows to re-think and create a fictional narrative which is dependant on ‘Cutting’ or ‘trimming’ and joining clips together.

As i watch today, a brief video which has been ‘editing’ of thoughts up till 46 seconds, i am attentive of the sound of traffic or any other noise which is part of the environment during the period of shooting. The sense of movements of bodies, objects, gets heightened as one sees an outcome of the thinking process of how a time line in its basic form operates.


The sketchbook would’ve meant capturing a moment of the walk and repeating it inside my sketchbook and exploring imagination. The line would function differently. It could reflect many moments in one drawing or it could be set of many sketches capturing the flow of the narration


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