Nature of drawing / work in progress

In this case it is a drawing which is continuing over a number of days rather then a single moment of making a mark

Because of the dimensions of the paper, it is getting miniaturized to the extent i am getting eye strain

Because of the dimensions of the paper, i am unable to stop the work, and after stopping i have to deal with formations of the work in my head as they expand in a mental unknown universe. 

In the mind i have no tool or surface to draw but only an ability to day dream and see the momentarily images forming

Eroticism here does not rely on any external content available in the form of images. It relies on the movement of the line on paper. Figures are line drawing in animation. 

One singular face, body is being used. As the body is moving, engaging on its own in this space. This raises the question – is this the quality of working with a line, thar it simplfies and lets you enjoy simple repition. Is the increase of repition, a way to get into something? 

Does the process change the way how i would think about making that single mark ? 

Some common points of reference are temple architecture, a dense mural, pathway, overlapping in the forest of tree branches, seeing, experencing distances.

Also the argument is or maybe there is not argument, that where does the criticality of the work lie, a single mark or marks in repition? A discreet mark and something of excess ? Do we see this as polarity of the mind to acess the extremes and not give any answers? Or is this a way to experiment with the line? 

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