nature of drawing

I’m drawing on paper, working on a surface which is 43 inches in length and 9.75 inches in height. It is a two dimensional surface, and i am lying down and working on the paper.

1. the mind pursues the line as the drawing progresses

2. the drawing is a repetition of past compositions and this i feel is the only way things move ahead

I had to pause my drawing to write this. To write that am i concluding that the past thoughts circulate and come out the way one has imagined them to be, like the source in the thinking puts you in a similar state of mind at all given point of time.

Point of time – Its like drawing someone in 2015 and now in 2017 i meet again with the same picture. It can be altered slightly but it reappears ‘as it is’

‘As it is’ – do things remain as it is ? If so, they are imprints of what life
has given you. It is a psychological built of things of all fears, all unknown times, all moments which can not be explained, all moments which remain, or keep coming back, as images, as feeling, as powerful emotions, which make you revisit the same place, same time.

Drawing then can reflect the strength of these experiences, because the pop up like text, if i see the whole composition as words, sentences, as paragraphs, as poems, as marks made, and above all, as lines which circulate in a similar pattern because its there.

Its there – what is there ? 

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