Notes on Drawing ( 10 x 12)

The size of the paper is 10 by 12 inches and I am use to working on 6 x 7 inches. Its hand cut paper. I am working on it with a rotring .01 pen with black ink. The surface is a smooth. It is hot pressed 300 gsm paper imported into India from a european country, maybe UK or Spain. Its by Saunders waterford company with a watermark running at the bottom with deckled edges on two sides.

I am Indian by default as per my passport.

Exploring a thought on sexuality and eroticism, I am dealing with drawing a nude female figure who is being repeated through out the sheet over and over and over again engaging in sexual activity with one or more than one of the figures being drawn on the sheet.

What i realised and discovered is that the drawing led to making the figures in a certain repetition which seemed like elements of design, geometry, mathematics or even an infinite moment. This was evident for me as i reduced scale and repeated a drawing till i felt i didn’t want to draw any more.

I am also referring to an optical illusion of creating denser, more characters within characters as it builds up a momentum and energy.

I’m also thinking of my recent visit to the National Museum in Delhi and looking at formations of figures in stone carved and metal works dating from earlier civilisations. One of them was depicting the Jaina temple formations with all the spiritual leaders and the other praying of Shivalinga by the devotees.

The connection that i can draw is of experiencing a certain lifestyle being lived in the earlier civilisation in comparison to the current times. It allowed to visualise certain possibilities in an imagined space.

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