the walking route

I’m interested to write down my thoughts of walking in a piece of paper to get to a thought which i feel represents what i wish to say:

There are certain parameters which exist in saying that this is the drawing i feel closer to:

1. It raises the possibility that this emotion, thought, moment is the highest elevated moment in that time and space.

2. It has come via a chain of drawings which toppled over each other shifting what one wishes to say.

3. If one doesn’t exit in the constructed time and space, does drawing offer a new form of communication beyond ethics, morality, reasoning, logic.

4. does it allow, the mark made to open those possibilities which are not in the frame of conversation. Frame of conversation is everything being observed through senses at that given point of time with events etc. So you comment but it is not direct?

5. Could we also say, drawing could or this way offer a speculation of possibility which can not be answered , resolved, or have infinite answers.

6. A series of drawing as an example. That to create something and to say something could differ.


So this was the first drawing around 2-3 am. I could not sleep. The vision, the thought or a communication came to me where people had decided to throw the dead bodies into the sun. I’m sure you could do that. You could maybe not bury or burn the body but just chuck it into the big burning oven. I would love that. when i die, just throw me in there. So maybe this was a beginning of the walk. I started to move more on the paper. This was an ‘imagined drawing’. A fantasy of some sort.


Next in the walk, came this drawing In this, the face was drawn and as i reached the glasses, i felt as if i turned the side of the frame to paste itself on the face, so to make the drawing into how i wanted it to be perceived. The glass frame was on the front of the eyes but also on the side. Side / front / side


Before i could explore more of the side / front / side play with a simple object as eye glasses, the drawing walked towards being imaginary where an abnormal event plays a role. It was seen by me as creating something from normal / abnormal. In this image, i desired, as i drew to make a horn for the dog but something of that nature pops up from the mouth.Or even dogs would not have horns or have something other than teeth, tongue coming out from the mouth. So the mind wander to an imagined space. The text questions the same. ‘why do you have a horn coming out of your mouth’. It is the nature of dissatisfaction that i like. To be dissatisfied to identify a certain route of thinking as the only route of thinking. I am dissatisfied because it is obvious in nature that there is horn. and the question also asks the same. It does not work.


Next in the walk, came this sketch. This is where there was a problem. Problem of setting things right, a gap of where i was, and where this going. The figure is or has resolved a big problem of crossing an entire river without swimming or using a ferry across, by just putting the foot on the other side. It defeats the sketch. And this is not what i wanted. I was about to draw a bridge behind the figure but then the figure is larger that the bridge, so it a giant. but in my thought it is not a giant. It is human size figure, its proportion are normal. but somewhere i am caught in what i want and what could be the possibility / impossibility of thought. if you stretch your leg, you can not get to the other side. if it is smaller that you, the river, you can be on the other side, but in this case, the figure has crossed a large river, where a ferry would take few minutes to reach the other side. Where one reaches in ones sense of perception, is something i don’t know. It is rejected as i can not capture the thought / drawing in its first stage, but the drawing presents a problem which has some sort of possibility. It is not fixed in an answer, as in its making, the problem of logic or some error in picture making exits. i can not identify it so i leave it as an incomplete, inaccurate thought picture.


Maybe in the next image i reached closer to something. Because the next image after this is posted on social media sites as the image i wish to share. This image brought me closer to this relation of the figure, the being and the stick. As the mind focused on the stick, the stick being held, there was no difference between the alertness of the stick to the alert mind of the person holding it. So every action of the stick is equal to the being. Or the being is putting something or the stick is an extension. The thing is, drawing allows that to happen, to feel the stick moving. Its actions are felt.I let go of this sketch and walked towards another.


The next sketch, the final sketch in the walk, was where i felt i could sleep afterwards. I had to let go of the walk, and walk away, or stop / pause the sketch as i could freely float in this moment of time and space. Here the figures appeared and a stick was being held with only one. And there is only one stick. the expressions mattered as they came to me. There was some uneasiness between the two.

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