Drawing and communication. Drawing and not just communicating an idea but using drawing to communicate. Could it possible that without any intention to communicate, the draw celebrates the SELF on to the paper and which post the drawing becomes a communication. 

This communication i realised after seeing someones drawing, a nude study of the SELF depicts, conveys, communicates the Drawer to me, who is the viewer

In todays moment and time, making oneself visible is a neurotic process which is functioning in a neo liberal fashion. It is been defined how recognition is to be, how one can communicate with the other. The mobile is about speed and effective communication. It is about technology.

Here drawing oneself allows the method of drawing to reveal something which is technological less. Drawing communicates not just the thought of the drawer but what the drawer is trying to say. 

Can this be translated, recorded, said in anyother way. What does it mean to draw the self? 

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