drawing notes

its best to let go of the drawing. this means that if thoughts generate themselves to become drawings. Do not draw the thoughts out. Let them formulate, see them and let them go. The process is and does become a burden. If you carry a sketchbook, then don’t carry the book. If you post online, do not post online, delete the profiles, archives, data where possible.

Drawing is not simply what you draw on paper, or any other form. Drawing can be seen as a flow of ideas which come and go without drawing them out. the Line maybe not be necessary.

I experienced the line, the temporary line which formed itself as i walked on the beach in my recent trip to goa. The temporary set of lines came and merged as they hit the beach, the shore line.

There is no point to observe it and draw it. There is no need to use imagination and draw them. These lines are a layer to the existing form of thinking and living in the world. Instead use this for something else.


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