the two spaces

the two spaces are not alike. Nothing is similar. I am placed in an Art Residency and I am on the ferry crossing Mandovi River. And in July 2016, a year ago, I am crossing the same river on a ferry.

the two spaces are not identical like two images, two photo copies or prints of the same image. In 2016 I am inside the engine space and the mind is different. I am alone.

In April 2017, I am with others but I am not completely there. It is an incomplete journey because the other is there.

The Art Residency is a state of argument, of training the mind to argue, position and create possibilities. Where as the alone journey in July 2016 is like knowing the rain, the night, the water, the ferry, movement and walking.

July 2016 lets you encounter boringness, a meaningful meaningless time, and the art residency of April 2017 is going, moving to the anticipated moment of the future. It puts you in a position to act out something. It is trying to make something complete.

being alone in 2016 meant a task nothing ahead. The bus arrives. You board it. It takes you someplace. Its the same market place. And now in 2017, you don’t see the market but an intention to see the market through a trained lens.

In 2017, everything is recorded and in July 2016, it is walking through something which is a half.



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