2 months

2 months of posting on Facebook, Instagram. Social media sites. One is accessed through laptop, the other by the phone. A similar procedure of rendering thoughts in the sketchbook. An A4 size page.

The A 4 size page is white. The pen leaks black ink once pressed on the surface of the paper.

2 months and the effects are different now. It feels like it is not of much relevance once in a while. The audience are in repetition of viewing and liking.

When the thoughts are laid out on paper, a selected portion is selected by the mind / eye and clicked. Basic filter effects are added to ‘enhance’ the picture.

The thought can come at any time. it is sometimes wrestled out. it is sometimes discovered in its making.

The big difference is that the audience created a sense of touch earlier. Now it is as earlier. They are not existing despite a like. This means repetition effects things.

Drawings which are posted have a nature.

A page of a sketchbook seems real / unreal at times. The posts have a similar effect.

After two months it seems there is a system in place.





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