creation of works


i haven’t created the works which are to be delivered out of me like the ISRO rocket which laid 104 eggs in the orbit. The Rocket was desperate and that is why it was flying at a speed of 27,000 km per hour.

I have not bought the roll of paper, or a larger sheet of paper then an A 4 size sketchbook. Since I have been sketching in an A 4 size sketchbook only for the past two years. I have yet to put myself in a solitary space.

But the eagerness to write is to describe this phenomena of creating the space for the work in the mind, a drawing which is being formed inside the head due to certain reasons.

The Reasons are:

  1. what is more powerful as an image beyond posting on Facebook an image which is the centre of everything.
  2. what was this narrative in 2011 since this work was created in 2011?
  3. how are the threads being connected on subjects such as Outsider Art, Mental Illness, Sexuality, Art from aboriginal, Rural Art forms, Drawing process?
  4.  The Change in imagery of how i draw myself from being a Nihang warrior to the current form?

The formations as of now

  1. That i do see a disturbed scenario being created in the mind
  2. That i can disrupt everything around me
  3. That whatever i create will be censored, banned or is against the values of the place I inhabit.
  4. That i will be dealing with dreams, or thoughts which come from me.
  5. That it is a format ( the scale, the use of material, the size, type of paper ) which i will not know how it will behave
  6. That it deals strongly with my past.

Questions I deal with:

  1. Do i need to go into my past or will i discover more?
  2. what is this beauty of rendering, rendering here means the beauty of the line in different formations, creating subtle textures, patterns, forms which overlay themselves.
  3. A shift from a 8.0 drawing pen to the line of a .01 rotring pen which does not flow with the same speed as the 8.0 pen drawing pen. Touching upon the pencil, the ease to lay a drawing in pencil and then moving the pen on top.








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