drawing- notes on style

I have to use the word drawing. when i use the word drawing, i am thinking of what i just did. I drew two of me. In both cases, the line differs. Both are separate beings. One of them is a cartoon like figure. The other is hidden.

I would not know which one is more real. Because both of them are me. If i reverse the statement, then both of the sketches allow me to see two of me. One deals with the crisis of the world and the other becomes a spirit warrior which is present in all situations. The spirit warrior always refers to the past.

What this teaches me about drawing if i have to add it as a course, a chapter on drawing, then you can say anything, become anything at any time, and stick to it for some time, and it is up to you to be revealed to who you really are. you can choose to accept it, experience it, let go of it, but this way of working will always reveal that true side of yours.

the identity here is not as simple as saying that a brick is a brick. you can see a brick and say it is not a red stone but a brick. but in the case of different styles of drawing, you might be wandering for a very long time to know who you really are.




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