Morning Sketch Walk

Notes –

Preeti’s Sketch follows a certain degree of a diagram, a map with layers of text. It is narrative in nature, a personal dream like narration of events, moments of the past and now. Where as Ishika’s line holds a boldness which makes a point of what is being observed. It pushes you to follow the contour of the form being seen. A strong storytelling line. In Nilanjana’s Drawing there is a clear emphasis of being / not being in the space. It can be conversation with the self, it educates with Knowledge which in this case is from the Old Delhi space. She speculates situations.

For Surbhi, the line is a tilted architectural space, building blocks, in bits and pieces of the entire surrounding. Lines are like folded paper blocks which are the real city in her works. Its the vertical , horizontal lines. And in Yurikos’ sketchbook pages, the line does not hold even for a moment. It can be seen as a line inside the vertical / horizontal line. A line which can folded, curled, twisted, folded.

The sketches so far reflect an understanding of Drawing as a way to not alter reality but to present a reality. But the reality being presented in the sketchbook is again a personal reality. The Definition of Reality states – the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Therefore the Sketches contradict this by presenting a state of mind as oppose to a state of things. So its  a state of mind as it actually exists in that moment which as the drawings reveal which makes it as an altered reality.


Sketch by Preeti


Sketch by Ishika


Sketch by Nilanjana


Sketch by Surbhi


Sketch by Yuriko


Inside Red Fort


Kids drawing in Preeti’s Sketchbook outside  Jama masjid

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