Role playing

The rickshawallah, the below average man is in the queue to take out money from the bank, from the ATM. The Art opening, tandoori roti, gravy chicken is disconnected with the pain of the below average man.

Demonetisation, it seems from where i stand is as real, unreal as possible. For it to be a true drive against corruption, everyone in India should be arrested or a selected few targeted by the government, the highly corrupt.

where do i stand? i stand where it does not make sense, where i am listening to the economist, below the average man standing in the queue, the politicians, the ruling party, the opposition party. I can not see, think, reach out very far except the cafe next to my home to sit and apply for a residency. I am overseeing all this. So it is so unreal on my part.

Logic is being challenged by knowing that there is a creative space and there is this space which is the creative space of the economist, the bankers, the capitalist who control interest on bank deposits, where our money should be. So my creative space is to sit and think and draw whatever comes in my mind. But i think about the suffering of so many farmers, people in the urban, rural areas who have no choice but to queue up.

Can the other hear the others pain?

Is there a basic law for this

Can the economist forget the numbers, statistics and feel the pain of people queuing up?


As 50 days near end, the other can not have empathy for the other.




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