disconnection, is it a temporary state or a behaviour of the mind. That you can create an art work, be in the art community and then disconnect. Is it negation or an ability of the mind where it can not feel anything. It is not able to react with any emotions to an art work, The Artist’s conversation, the work, all becomes false to the reality outside the gallery space.

If disconnection is a possibility, then is it like going mad and leaving your family and going away because you have no connection one day?

Does disconnection go outside the idea of rejecting the art community? Disconnection of people that you care or who care for you? Disconnection to the society, to its function?

Can one be in the politics of things and then disconnect one fine day?

like I am walking to the gallery to see a performance, i do this every time and i have been doing it for years. What if one day i am walking towards the gallery and i just go some place else and disconnect with its existence, because it not real. It has no relevance. So i go and do something else.

like a sense of being with similar types. I am walking in the comic con festival and i don’t see the familiar types. I don’t see any stall which have ‘that’. So i feel i don’t belong in such a place. So is the art community, a sense of belongingness?

I can not place myself in a shop as a salesmen. I can not work as a guard inside the toilets collecting 2 rupees for urinating and 5 rupees for using the toilet. I can not be the prime minister of the country. I can not head a company, any company as a CEO.

I have a problem. I can only be the art community and talk about philosophy. criticise Capitalism and make art. I am an artist who challenges one’s own thinking. This is identification of a problem.

Can i go outside this? Can i go outside seeking grants, exhibitions, art fairs, art talks, art lectures, art seminars, art discourse, art history?






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