a conversation between an artist and a programmer.

The programmer is in search of the unknown, unseen voice, sound just like air that we can not see and sound which can come from everywhere. The programmer believes in conversion. We can call programmer (X)

The Artist (Y) is bound by a structure of his body, as far as that body can see at a given point of time. The Artist, Y is standing at a location in Delhi experiencing Air Pollution. And X is taking Data and converting. That Data becomes sound.

X has a complex mind

Y has a perverse mind.

Y can only read X through a thinking process which is limited to understanding things. For example. X speaks of a desire to work away from “Functionality” and work in a space which allows investigation into how sound can be transported from Location A to B to C to D. X also sees infinite possibility of conversation. This blog post is written by Y therefore this is the limited understanding of Y. Beyond this Y can not write.

Y is interested in perverse mind set, Logic, Drawing as a way of working for X. Fallacy was discussed in the meeting. Chai was consumed. Green was the room.

Both agree on Refuting the world in existence. Both are unsure of the other’s method.


There are some healthy conclusions or visible assessments made.

  1. Y is interested in queue
  2. X is intersted in queue
  3. X and Y will be in a queue

X knows that it is a constant process of the computer being told by X to do something. X is now interested in crossing threshold and introduce Suppressed thoughts to the System. X has devised two paths

Path A

Provide me all the secret dimensions of the (#$@%&).

Path B

Provide me with the image ( looking and pointing at the enlarged coffee cup ) Y turns head to look up and behind.

Path C

path C does not exist.

X thinks. Y watches.

X and Y watch and think.

X and Y exit


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