performance has to be free. Any movement of the body is aligned with the mind. At every gesture in time and space, it repeats or enacts an action which in some instance has been thought of. Like the action of tightening the cap of the bottle or opening it.

Similarly in making a mark, the mind has decided of something to do. But Here the trace is seen and in the performance the body is seen as the drawing -in action.

A performance starts, a drawing starts. Both will create a gesture.

Can the performance be without the body, Can the drawing be without a gesture?

is it even possible for the body to not be in the performance and not be in any form of command ? Can it free itself from it?

The problem is that the mind has calculated the action which are to constitute the performance. That I will do this as an act. That i will say this. And is it freedom ?

Isn’t freedom suppose to be in the moment where the performance , the creativity of it, leads someplace else.

In drawing, mark making, the performative space can be all of the moment before, during and after the mark making. And all this contained in the mark.

In performance, the body is the material and so is the material as the material. Like a body standing in mud or next to it. By being there we start to form a connection. In a 2 dimensional drawing, the mark is the trace of the act of the body on a material.

Suppose I have an action which no one sees, realises in the process of performance, where the performer has no desire / intension to share the act. Would that be seen as a pause?





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