when i have written something, and then when i write again.


( drawing on the wall )

What is at stake during the making of the mark?

It is a key question which comes up and it also takes into account that the degree of the stake, the level of how much one is willing to give in that moment.

Can we say everything is at stake? Its not the same in other situations but here it is a build up from something, like a an act of circling, twirling, spinning, some strange movement, in and out repeating itself ‘to make the mark’.

Multiple spaces, thoughts, locations are trapped in the single mark. And because it is a build up and a release of something, the past of it becomes in-grained in the strokes. Then it is not of the ink, the wall but something else.

What is this intensity, the field, which holds time in it self? Can we contain time, energy, force; magnetic fields at one point. Can we freeze this? Its not freezing but it is also. Because this moment is not ahead of itself! Something ahead would mean that I went a step further or behind to make the mark, and then the mark would differ, everything of it, its all attributes would change. So this way, a mark is unique in time and space.

A Mark is complex because it is dealing with a compressed form of its own past. The trail that I walked to make it! And yet, it is being experienced in a present time zone, which is not of mine. This means it has been made in a space, which is always of the future and has only a connection to the mark because it is present in that space. The Space will continue to exist yet the mark will be removed over a passage of time. Because the mark is of the past and this space also!

What is at stake?

Everything and nothing! Its up to the artist, or me to decide, experience what and how much can be put on stake. There are forces, which are always working and there is a build up from all of this to release, challenge; express a moment, which can hold everything at stake.

Is it like a warp zone into another space? Is it another dimension because it does become like a bridge. I use the word bridge because it allows some form of travel and this travel is over something or into something. It makes me think of invisible points of engagement which are not visible but do exist because of the movement of the body in the space.

Allowing one self to move freely in a space is a sense of wonder, a sense of knowing an empty space which otherwise is not possible. Not possible because in this way you are moving in the space and approach it to make a mark. The relationship is not just about the body and mark making, but behaving with the space, an alignment to find that space to make a mark.

Because there is everything at stake, and if there is a built up, there is that moment enough, you might move about to lay that mark which has to hold that energy in that space.






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