28 Sept


I’ve realised that there is a difference between the moments of working inside the gallery which is empty and being inside a classroom where a lecture is happening. In the classroom, I don’t have much movement. The whole process of making happens in drawing what is being spoken by the lecturer.


The drawings are responding to words being spoken, and what i see, imagine while listening to the lecture.


A sketch inside a classroom on Global Cities. In this method I am completely dependant on what is being said and I think i don’t respond but create the lecture in a visual form.


Where as, this mark, a drawing on the wall ( kabza ) inside an empty gallery space, I am dependant on myself. I wouldn’t know how to define myself because there is nothing inside the gallery. Its characteristics are that its empty. So i can draw anything. I am more dependant on my movement in the place. And then I have the thought which matters the most at that moment. I am thinking of all the existing marks in the place and what can be added. I’m thinking of some sort of presence of mind which should leave me overwhelmed or letting me move to something new, so the mark is made.

The Classroom does not have any movement. It sets itself for a visual / audio presentation for a limited time. I become like a translator through out the time period, but in the empty gallery, I can create my own world for that moment. I can move around anywhere to add to the space. I think in this case, the space and your mind frame, and the ease of moving around become like steps to reach to a mark.

And also in the classroom I have a sketchbook but here i move in and out of the wall space. The sense of a sketchbook does not exist here. But this ‘sense’ could be and maybe because of the small scale also, experiencing something which is not there but becomes evident when seen. It is a different accessibility than working inside a book. There are no pages to turn. It doesn’t have a frame as such.




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