Beyond mark-making

At this stage, i do see a relationship forming in what it means to make a mark on the wall and leave a trace of what I am thinking / experiencing to Not making a mark on the wall or leaving a trace.

This is a gradual shift. This means I am making marks but not leaving a trace. So where are the marks being made?

As an example, I attended a Physics and Mathematics lecture dealing with the nature of Pulsars. Pulsars are neutrons which are spinning at a speed of 700 times in a second. And they are the last remains from a Star the size of the Sun which has exploded and turns to a dying white dwarf and its further remains when even that collapses due to its own gravity.

In this class, Maths  became a tool to perceive this phenomena. The next step would’ve been to make a mark on the wall in response to the lecture. But by not making an immediate mark on the wall and keeping it as a thought within, I am now allowing it to build up. The building up is making marks but without traces.

In this way, one can change the momentum. Changing of the momentum changes the experience of being in the university, the intention of driving to the university, the experience of being inside the gallery where marks are being made.

Changing the momentum here has meant marks are being made in spaces which never existed before. These are the lawn spaces outside the schools, the corridors outside the class, the canteen area, the foot path spaces in the campus. These are marks which are not leaving any traces and do not require walls.








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