Day 8


Everything is getting negated. I am not accepting anything. I have been noticing on every visit, the security guard at every School, at round abouts, at crossings, I have been seeing how the paths in the university merge into one, how getting to one centre to another requires a memory skill and you can get lost. I’ve been seeing the poster, so many of them protesting violence in kashmir, dissent, atrocities on the dalits, the weaker section, discrimination because of caste, quotes from communism, Karl Marx, manifesto, letters, poems, all become large scale posters, the canteen walls spreading Modi and other government leaders.

I’ve been seeing the tiny toads, size of 3 cm running, jumping in the grass during the elections, the empty benches in classrooms, the locked rooms, how the university is a forest.

And none this finds its place on the walls inside the gallery space. I am looking for something else and negating, not accepting any of this at the stage. Or when i am there, its about the space and how I react in a certain way. That I am only a mediator to create something which happens on its own.

The space is creating tiredness, emptiness. It does not have any life except when there is a seminar, or an event. Is a place of any life when there are no events. Is it even needed to make a mark from something i saw outside. the effort of doing so, needs a reason.





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