School of Physical Science


Conversation between Gagan Singh an artist working with Mark making and a Phd Student researching in Mathematics at School of Physical Science, JN University.

G: Gagan Singh

S: PhD Student in Mathematics

S is sitting in the empty classroom playing with his mobile and holding a notebook with Math formulas. G enters the room and introduces himself as an Artist. Then they start talking.

G: How is Mathematics a tool for you  and if it so, how is Drawing a tool for me?



S: Mathematics is a way to understand complex problems, to understand physics, anything which is out there. We can use Maths to know that a thing such as Black hole exists. Maths was used in theory to prove that Black holes exists.

A  formula, an equation is actually an answer to wider, complex equations, formulas.

G: So if this is the case, and Maths has certain rules which it follows, in my case, i use the potential to visualise and resolve a problem. For me a problem may or may not exist. It becomes more of a need, a necessity to express. So therefore If i have an experience on the campus or thoughts are in my head, i express it on the walls of the gallery. I have been doing this till now. I do not have any rules as such but maybe a way of thinking could be a rule.

G: Is it possible for me to show you a drawing which can be converted into an equation. Or I could understand an equation and make it into a drawing or What are your responses when you see a work of mine, since you have a mathematical mindset. And can i learn to draw a drawing which is a short equation and when opened up, is wider and complex in nature?

S: ( Smiles )

G shows S  images on the laptop.

G: This Image is called Silly box. At first it was “The Box” , then it became “Stupid Box” and now it is “Silly box. I kept on changing the title. I like to create this balance of text and and image.


S sees the Image.

S: You are doing poetry. I don’t do that. For us, the box is about volume, mass, dimension, size etc. We don’t personify it or give it names.

G: ( Smiles )

S: A Mathematical formula such as E=MC2 can have fixed and variables where E is Energy which is fixed and M is matter which is fixed and C2 is variable. That can change. We can change the Fixed and variables and use anything else and reach to new results. As long as we don’t break the laws of maths.

G: is thinking that during the process of thinking and making the marks, what is constant and what is variable. What is fixed and what can be changed? Can even something like this exist in Art? Can a formula be applied?

G: Can maths only theorise and help us discover something like Black Hole which already exists but is discovered through the aid of Maths or can it create something which has never existed.

S: Yes it can, using theory and practicals, you could create your own black hole.

G:  Wow !!!!!

S: what are you doing here in School of Physical Science ?

G: I think in a certain way, as a Visual Artist, a poet and I am here to see if by attending lectures in Maths, Science, will this alter or give me a new way of thinking?

(Both S and G smile)

S and G exchange mobile numbers and say goodbye.

G leaves the classroom





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