The wall on the squash court had marks, so did the pear I was eating; on its skin.

And how should i compare the marks being made by the tyres on the road, by furniture rubbing against the wall, the foot marks on the floor or the hand impressions on a wall. How do i compare them with the marks I am making and what can I learn by writing / comparing them at this stage?

First thing is, the marks made inside the squash court were beautiful. They were not of any colour but black marks and none of them were made by some one holding the ball in their hand and rubbing it against the wall. While practicing, as i went closer, they were all marks which were made through the force of the squash racquet with an intention of playing the game. So the relationship of the Mark Maker, the squash player is ( I am assuming ) not interested in making the mark but is concerned about  playing the game, and so his relation with the wall itself as a space for mark making is non- existent.


The marks on the pear are darker then the skin colour which is a shade / tint of green. These are darker marks which can be felt when touched because they have formed or changed as material than the skin around. I say that they are marks, because they resemble lines, strokes, as if someone took a brown ink pen and made these lines. In the case of the fruit, the mark maker is a natural phenomena. It doesn’t have a human hand. But something plays in forming such patterns which can be read as marks. They are seen and can be compared to the marks made on the wall of the squash court because there is some  indirect intention by the mark maker to create them.

In my case, I do not make a mark on the wall and change the surface like the squash ball hitting the wall. If I did that, i would be engaged in changing the skin of the wall. I could put some material , inject something which over a period of time, decay it’s surface creating natural marks like the Pear, and I would be the creator of this act. And if i repeatedly smudge, remove, use a broom, or my hand or anything and create an effect of marks, i would come closer to the wall of the squash court. But i don’t do that.

At the stage, since its been only 5 days of recurring use of the space to make a mark, it is too early for me to conclude how I differ in my practice of making the mark. But What i do understand is, that I do have an intention to create a skin of thoughts on the existing frame work. The existing frame work is the surface inside the building. Just like the wall of the squash court and the skin of the pear, there is a skin on which I am making a mark and this skin may start to be an extension of my body / skin.


In the case of the pear, the fruit is not thinking of creating something on its own surface. Similarly the squash player is also not thinking of creating the marks of the ball. His thoughts are on playing the game. But in both cases, there is a transformation of the space. If I compare my method of working, all the three conditions are transforming the space.



In my case so far, I am transforming by making visible forms which manifest within me where as in the case of the wall inside the squash court, it is the object which is creating the marks and in the case of the fruit, it is again limited to the constitution of the object to develop marks.




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