Mark making- day 5

I think what is happening  is a certain test of what one can think.

When i say ‘what one can think’ means making a mark  and then realising the potential that another mark can also be made.

On Day 5, I realised that there is a speed of thinking. That after making a mark, it leads you to another mark. It may not be necessary for me to make it immediately (the next mark) but there is a sense of continuation.

The sense of continuation means I can now prepare myself to think more from the existing marks made. I can rely on more experiences of lectures, seminars in the university which can serve as stimulants, but I can also come back to these marks and have a dialogue with them as stimulants for marks in becoming.

I can somewhat conclude this, as before leaving the gallery, I was having a dialogue, conversation with the existing marks. Some of them were imprints from something i saw on the news, some were confusing forms which i did not have an answer why i created them, some were personal mundane moments in my life and some marks were an ongoing absurd scenes playing as moving images and being drawn in multiple locations separated from each other in different sites.





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