Notes on Mark making – Day 4


Seminar Room:

What changed today in the University was a noticeable change in the process of mark making as compared toDay 1 and 2.  A lecture by a Jewish Professor from Israel, on what is home, place, what is being away from home? led to sketches while listening in the seminar room.

The Gallery:

One Experiment was to draw a thought I was carrying with me directly on the wall and not in my sketchbook. I felt drawing it in my sketchbook would be a rehearsed act.

Second experiment is to create a space where similar thinking marks are made in a space, giving me not the usual “single mark” but multiple marks as a time based experience. I have made two marks so far which clearly reflect the strength of the line.

The third experiment is to see how subjects have the capacity to provoke and change the nature of the marks being made. For example, in todays lecture, the Professor from Israel spoke about the spiritual connection of Caves with Humans. And the Caves in India and why Caves are created. He then added few other subjects such as what is home? What is Inner Sanctorum? Conversations such as these have a possibility to provoke, to open you up and I saw how easy it became to make the mark. The ‘easiness’ here means the effort needed to make the mark.














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