Seven days into the  Residency and after going through videos of the participants, walking in the City of Panjim, Goa and places nearby, reading text and a Skype conversation, I feel its all about awakening a new sense / perception towards things.

So far what struck me is seeing how things are made, or the doer / the author deciding to create, in this case, the city planners, the householders becoming Architects, visionaries.

I liked pausing and clicking this photo on the busy Caranzelam colony road in Goa. A house with the front – side walk boundary wall made up of stones. One household painted them red.

It made me imagine the effortless and natural way of constructing something as basic as a Wall. This is no need for building a wall by plastering bricks and then applying wall paint which require endless maintenance . This is the basic act of Drawing. You can see the act of placing the rocks and filling the gaps with some binding material. Also up close, the rocks would allow smaller insects to inhabit.




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