mandovi river



I am not sure how it happens, but a scene can have many stimulating points. And then you draw!

Being in Goa for a week, i am walking in the city at all times. But i reach a scene. I will reconstruct it for the sake of writing.

‘thinking that i am reaching a beach i walk through the village waiting for that view to open up. I am slightly uncomfortable as it is a narrow road and i feel out of place.  After a fifteen minutes walk, i reach a point which is not what i imagined. Getting to a point which is not imagined is one of the points. Then i turn towards the beach and I am up close to the nets, fishing nets which again are a stimulant. This is because i have not met with a net out of water used for fishing. Then a middle age man with a diseased foot and leg trying his best to untangle a net. A feeling of disgust at the trash wrapped in the net. I am uneasy. Being uneasy is another point, like seeing dead bodies inside an earthquake earth. Then about thirty feet away, crows are biting into something. It seems like a tyre. Something which seems but is not is another point. When i go up close, it is a beautiful vegetable like water snake with flies and holes in his skin and his mouth held buried in the sand. This is another point of seeing from a  distance and then up close. The scene has not ended. There is another man far away in the ocean spreading his net. He is again about hundred feet to my diagonal right as i face the ocean. Now this is not the ocean but the river mandovi or the ocean,i can not be so sure. I go closer to him, not to make him uneasy but to watch him open the net, or he is doing something. There are actions being performed and I am not completely sure. So this is another point, where you do not understand.

As i walk back towards the middle age person, i decide to look the other way finishing my orange drink. (i like to drink as i enjoy my view). A new feeling has been experienced.

So now I will draw. Because this scene had multiple points. The multiple points always allow you to draw ‘freely’. And also if you draw, you can go back and draw again. So does this mean, drawing will allow me to dig into this even more?










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