The left overs

The tomato which was cut but never made the dish. The left overs which may or maynot have any meaning but somehow contributed or were part of what was made visible. Visible here is what was there at the art and science residency opening and invisible are the works which just did not make it, or were to become the part but sifted out in the journey. 

Confusion to create a works. I didn’t know if sound would come first, or the animation. In this the cut outs narrate the story of a dog gone mad. I was suppose to draw the movement of the dog while listening to this recording.

Then came a quick recording of a psychological test conducted on patients. In this I tried to forget the nightmare of sketching movement. So I used still drawings with audio recorded. I found this interesting. In the den of the video, I ask a question. Where do you think I will go looking for the icecream wallah? Before you answer, please watch the video carefully.

Then I shifted to trying to create a 60 frame per second story with movement. This video is 12 fps.  After 36 drawings. I again gave up. I think I give up too much. I will finish this someday!

Afterwards I tried the Same method of using a still image, drawing and voice. I edited it so much that I lost what I began with. I hate cutting and pasting in editing software. Why can it not just do it on its own. I hate such decision making.

I gave up after this. The editing software disturbed my mental peace. I became troubled mentally. 

I’m not sure why new media was created. 

I’m ok with just drawing. But everyone says do something in ‘new media’

I tried stop motion with inanimate objects. This was a copy of another psychological test. I forgot the name. In this quick test video, you should be feeling emotions. If not then go and find your emotions.


In the end. I did silly videos. These required no editing. Just do something silly. I like being silly. The image below is a still from a video. 



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