Art and science residency – video art

the necessity or the need to know what is line drawing is important. In a sense, line can be shifted. Or the way to draw can be shifted. The line of the sketchbook can be shifted to video sketches, or sketch video.  

sketch video is similar to sketchbook. It’s when you treat the video making as a form of a sketchbook. It is not digital drawing but a relationship I discovered of using a tool which records. 

Recording something is not recording an event like traffic passing on a road or a sunset. It can be. But here it’s forming a relationship with a recording tool. 

Line drawing: 

The failure was in creating a movement, or trying to tell a story through the act of stop motion or to bring the drawing, drawn characters into a state of motion. Why do this? What is the point of these movements. It does not create any shift into the line as much as how the act of immediacy works. 

For example to draw a cup moving and falling in a stop motion sequence of x frames per second or making each scene of the cup reaching to the fall in sheets of paper, scanning it and playing, testing it on a third party software is possible, but what if I just throw the cup? To throw it is to draw it the moment. Yes I am not fit to run the country but that doesn’t mean I can not throw the cup. 

And what if I throw the cup and I do not ask you to record the act. The act is recorded and lived in its very act without any difference of it being recorded and being done( cup being thrown). The body which mediates this is aware of the place and is anticipating the act but also is ‘enchanted ‘ by what the act offers. The video made is of discarded nature. It is a trash in nature because I can only see it from the side. The ‘side’ means I can not see it to have anything more from it. It has been discarded from me. Would this differ from creation? And also a video is not further produced for third party editing, post production acts. Maybe that’s why these could be video sketches? 

The body:

I’m allowed certain gestures, movements, behaviours which others know that if I do this, it means this. Like if I make a fist, this means my hand is closed and if I strike my fist on the wall. I am hitting the wall. So it seems that I am doing this. The nature of the video is allowing me to discover an alternative method to see the body and also repeat the common behaviours which others can associate with. Also they are informed on mirror neutrons in the brain and creative powers of a person with schizophrenia abilities. So I am informed of knowledge that if I do this, I am trying to stay in certain boundaries of what ‘science’ is saying about such illness. 

But the videos are reflecting or a better word is a window to create a complete video life. So I could maybe communicate through a videoed life. Where nature is interpreted through the camera. A good example would be I see people walking in Nehru Place, any market. But they are not walking. Their direction is a fixed direction. But they do not walk. No one is walking. Just lifting your legs does not mean you walk. 



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