The physical space And sketchbook stories…

the entire February and part of January goes into drawing in my sketchbook on how to climb stairs! The sketches go on sharing views on how to ascend / descend? And the mental picture for me is to line them up on the wall as thought bubbles in the order they came out from my head to the pen and then the paper. 

I line Them up like matchsticks on the wall. A dozen sheets of paper. Then I let go and go for a lunch break and come back and the space of wall and the room opens up. I start drawing on the wall and the compositional balance changes dramatically. 

I can’t place this way of change as it is a transformation of something. I leave thinking and relieved of this change. Was this it? Was it all about this moment of change? Is this how you enter a space, leaving the sketchbook behind?

And before installing in the space, I am at a cafe with open pages of the sketchbook, finishing off an exercise of thinking. Is this the drawing? Because from here I will construct a narrative, I will handpick the story and lay it again. It will be cleaner, polished, readable? But is this the drawing? 


Drawing on the wall was much easier. But maybe the sketchbook exercise was on for such a long time. That it was a way to challenge the boundaries of the paper to experience the space of the wall. Did I communicate more effectively this way? 

Or was it the conversations on the email, about these pages from the sketchbook? Was that the process of drawing, of creating a work, of sharing a thought, and then Taking the conversations as departure points of the work? 

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