The walk.


How to get the drawing out?

Drawing can be stuck in you. That’s what happened today when I thought I would go and rest in a park after the India art fair. On the way drawing erupted. I was without pen and paper. I wanted to start scratching my mobile phone to create the picture.

It was a drawing attack. So much so I forgot why I came to the park. To rest on a bench. That didn’t happen for long. I tried to find a stationary store to buy pen and paper. Slowly drawing died, or I forgot about it.

I reached home via the metro train and dipped the nib in red ink, Crimson transparent ink. And took out the sketch. Drawing needs to be taken out. Then you can have a peaceful sleep. You can then develop it more later.

I do know that i could not consume my dinner till the sketch was completely out. I saw the rotis, yellow kardhi with boondi and pieces of onion. I ate post the sketch. 

What I recall is I was walking and a colourless sketch came in the head somewhere. It was like a grey cloud on top of my head. I saw what was happening. The bow was stretched and the arrow… I wanted to pick up a rock and do it on someone’s wall. The security guards would’ve attacked me. 

I reached home just in time. I saved myself. I thank the pad and the pen. 

I think the mental imagery happens in the head. Because I surely didn’t feel it in my arm or my hand.   

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