Figure study

A moment in the day earlier. I realise while sketching, moving my pen in directions, forming a representational form, I draw the figure, the anatomy of the human form. It’s for the first time do I see a fluid nature of the line which is aware of the muscles running beneath the skin, it’s for the first time I see I can collapse the form of the leg from what I have been taught, or what I observe as the human form. 

I realise the knee feels different and I can expand / collapse any part of the body on paper away from anatomy. 

The body doesn’t feel like the body I know, or have known till now. It is of an unknown substance, where I can manipulate any way possible. Was it the pen and paper which let me experience this fluid space?

I am so fixed on a body which I repeat but today something collapsed or something I could not hold on to maybe?

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