the measuring device


part of a sketch done in 2015


part of a sketch done in 2016. 

i couldn’t wait to finish the A 3 size paper with small boxes filled with drawings. These grid like drawings becoming as warm up to other drawings or a series of drawings in themselves.

What amazed me was to compare the two, the earlier being inspired by visiting a Doctor’s library in the summer and now continuing to draw in a similar way. I didnt look back on the earlier drawing till i finished this sketch. What my observations are the nature of growth, intensity in the drawings. We also see a similarity in the forms being drawn, the familiar way of using space, line, design. Where does this design originate from? Where do these forms come from? Is it science fiction, seeing nature, architectural forms becoming  human like? How do i see / view the recent sketch more intense than the earlier sketch? Can i measure this growth.

I am thinking of a ruler, an inch as growth but here how do you device a method to measure? Would i remember mother dairy ice cream now better than last year or ten years back? What about the milk / cheese i consume, or the chicken i ate? was the animal a healthy animal which made it so tasty or was it the cooking. Are Macdonald burgers suppose to taste the same everytime.

Why do we impose / restrict ourselves in our practices? I began in both pages to work with the “face”. I didn’t want to draw the entire “figure”, “body”.  

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