perspectives on drawing.

A conversation on fibromyalgia, a musculoskeletal pain in the neck, a patient is here for treatment. I’m wondering if drawing conversations will have the potential to ease the pain?

It’s difficult to see someone in a headache / migraine situation and i feel drawing out your thoughts in the longer run could help. I’m not sure, but the potential to tap the inner drawings is there.

The sketch will not be what i sketch. I need a very peaceful enviornment to draw. I stared at the same fixed landscape on the open terrace cafeteria the entire week. Saligao, a town in goa offered me a picture perfect view of Coconut trees in the middle, farm land in front, dark green trees behind the coconut trees and a sky above. Isn’t that how its suppose to be? i see what is ahead of me, what is visible? I dont see what my eyes do not have the power to see. 

The coconut trees i drew, i sketched the clouds and the chairs around me. 

The sketch will not be what i sketch because I created a perfect moment of masala chai, my sketchbook, the fan at light speed and motivational landscape to think and draw. But the troubled mind / brain will offer challenges. Will it be Outsider Art? Will it have distortions? Will the lines, the marks made express the pain? 

The patient suggested a decline in dance, playing the flute and using drawing as a way to map out the fantasy visual world within. The body in such pain faces restriction. And drawing allows you to work in any space, especially in the form of a sketchbook. 

Also I would question, does the out pour in the form of sketches create more pain, as suggested by the patient that talking about the pain will worsen the situation? Or the out pour creates a sense of relaxation during and after the process of drawing?

The medicines for migraine and chronic muscular, nerve related pain used to numb the pain worsen the digestive system of the body. My mind puts itself inside the body drawing out a visual map of how the body is functioning, suffering inside and you can not put an abrupt control / end to the medicines. That beneath my body there is an internal system of organs operating. That my map is not a diagram of what is inside but something what i imagine, of the internal organs being like living objects getting affected by the use of medicines, like wild mammals being forced to tame and remain calm. So how do you find a solution away from the science of medicines? Can the creative arts become an aid to not divert but be a way of expression?




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