the dogs leap is all i remember, passing the city with statues becoming direction points for me. i need to go in front of Chaudhery’s face, no behind it, no around his left hand. The statues varied in sizes, some tiny human beings to large giants in the city.

the dogs leap is all i remember. Near the median and it sees me and runs back. His movement was different than the usual. Not like how i saw the dragon flies moving or a potato being chucked into the weighing machine by the vegetable seller. This movement was different. 

The dog ran, like a 100 meter sprint, like it was showing me its ability to run so fast when so near to getting run over. It seemed it was waiting in the dark in the middle of the road and my car lights were its stage lights to perform

The canine had or showed no fear but athletic abilities of a sports star practicing as his or her usual routine.

My act of drawing, in this i dont remember my usual doggy koko, the line drawing dog with his tongue out and following me all around. In this i attempt to just think and ask myself “what was he doing?” yeh kutta kya kar raha tha? 

because i remember the black furry animal. feels like some communication happened? I don’t know? all i know is i can sketch it out as a post event act!   

Who does the dog respond to? the moving metal object in front of it or the driver who watches this happen? 

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