Costa coffee, nehru place, 12:30 pm


 an overwhelming situation where i close my sketchbook. These situations are where the head will burst. Reading a mail of Nicola on graphite, the pencil made up of hundreds of thousands of layers of graphene and its bonding quality stronger than Diamond. The sketchbook tilted as i change from pen to Brush, from imagination to my new obsession of making chairs i see. I go back to the notes of yesterday from the Medical Public library, last night spent testing my eye’s equal innervation, i record my eyes movement. I watch them in slow movement. The flow makes you think the eyes are connected to a central commanding system. So why have two eyes, if both function the same. My feet dont behave like that. Nor my hands typing this blog entry.
Today i begin a reading of hering’s law of equal innervation as last night AIIMS faculty link in the department of anatomy leads to gross anatomy and a real heart of a goat and human dissection. I am not sure where to stop in the process of research. How much to see and take in? The point of the visit was to think alternatively or experience how the world operates outside the convention of creativity and the Contemporary Art field.  

The nerves break down on the flow of knowledge. I can’t take it as i attempt to draw hering’s law of equal innervation, knowing what is pseudoptosis. You just dont know whether to follow science or to create your own science. Nicola wrote about working with Mathematical problems which made no sense. That’s how i felt, my scientific drawings making no relevance to science. Why am i making them? The human face at the perfect 45 degree oblique angle, i don’t know at this stage to google the right 45 degree angle or create my own 45, 55, 65 degree angles of the face. 

Herring’s law, steroscopic eye vision, oblique projection, saccadic eyes, transformation of human to animal, contradiction to herring’s law that each eye can have its own independant function and all through this i am being funny, humorous in my sketches. I don’t know where the humour comes from? I would not be allowed to function as an eye doctor.

Every word is creating its own set of drawings, thinking so where to stop? you can’t stop. Wikipedia, theories set in the 19th, 20th centuries, all building up to become stories. I close my sketchbook and walk out to breathe the normal air. I know that as i sketch a sequence of images, i experience a similar experience in life of whilst eating food and imagining it bursts out  from my mouth but it doesn’t. Of the body bursting but nothing happens. I assure myself of the sketched and the real world. 

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